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The Howl
Elgin Public Arts Centre,

St. Thomas ON
July 2023


Capture the Moment
CF Masonville Place, London ON
June 2022

Her mural design for CF is largely inspired by spring — when London thaws and transforms. “I really wanted to create a piece that depicted this beautiful time of year, the hope that spring brings and the connection we have to nature in the city,” says Pichette.

Her design is bright and colourful and will feature several large mirrors and positive messages throughout. “I want viewers to be inspired and reminded of the importance of taking the time to nurture their own spirit so they can feel hopeful about all of the possibilities that the future holds,” says Pichette.


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Forest City Playground Mural
Market Lane, London ON
October 2020

“I wanted to design a piece that reflected the symmetry of the brick and complimented the architecture of the area,” says Pichette. “I strived to create a space that was fun, bright, inviting and playful.”

Her work often challenges the viewer to explore issues of privilege, land and water rights, and environmental racism — the disproportionate impact of soil contamination and industrial land on areas home to racialized communities.

“I wanted this to be a space for people to engage with art through selfies and to capture their imaginations. The birds in my mural are commonly spotted in London backyards.”

-Hawlii Pichette

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Painted Table 
Forest City Playground
Covent Garden Market, London ON

Professional mural artist Hawlii Pichette is working with local Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) students to paint a series of picnic tables for Covent Garden Market in downtown London!

(Pictured are images of Hawlii's completed table.)

This fall she is set to guide elementary and secondary school students to paint 3 tables. They will be returned and placed outdoors at the Covent Garden Market later this fall. 

Covent Garden Market and TVDSB Collaborate on New Outdoor "ARt" Project! — Young and Free Press