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International Women's Day

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Pink Shirt Day -

Oneida version - You're all good natured

Oneida version CP-1.png

Pink Shirt Day - Be Kind. 

1111 pink shirt day-1.png
We were seeds CP.png
PDF It’s okay not to be okay-1.png
PDF You deserve to feel safe-1.png
PDF You decide what healing looks like-1
PDF We are not broken the systems are-1.
PDF It’s not your fault (2)-1.png

Every Child Matters Coloring Pages




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Moose Cree

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Turtle Island

Garden of Grandfathers Series

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Courage Bear HPichette.jpg

 8 page series of flowers designed and inspired by the animals that represent the Seven Grandfather

teachings.(including a second version for Honesty being represented by Sabe (sasquatch)

Generation to Generation

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Boys with Braids

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Granny Telling Stories

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Rock your Mocs

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