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Free Coloring Pages

These FREE coloring pages are available to download and use as coloring pages only.

They are not for resale or to be altered in any way.

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Happy Halloween!!!

Here are some Halloween themed coloring pages! Feel free to download! 



This coloring book is based on my illustration the 'Garden of Relatives'. 

This design is also an exclusive carpet that can be purchased at Wintergreen Learning Materials.
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Garden of relatives .jpg

Features 20 coloring pages of animals and the plants inspired by the tracks created as they move across the land. Bonus activity page 'create your own' plant included!

Colouring book cover (1).jpg
© Copyright Hawlii Pichette. All Rights Reserved

Orange Shirt Day and what is now called 'The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is coming up on September 30. Here is a free resource for educators and parents of children learning and participating in Orange Shirt Day. A coloring page can be a simple tool to engage children and gives them an additional way to show their support as they learn about why orange shirt day is so important. 

Coloring has been proven to have the ability to help relieve stress, generate mindfulness, engage active listening and help with the processing of emotions. And don't forget, coloring isn't just for kids!